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On the 13th of December, 2016, the federal government took significant steps in order to favor temporary foreign workers and Canadian employers who experience workforce shortages.

The federal government recently announced that the “four year cumulative duration rule” which was mandatory for foreign workers, is now abolished. As a reminder, before these new measures took effect, a work permit couldn’t exceed a complete duration of four years. Moreover, when the last work permit expired, foreign workers had to wait four years before being able to apply to work in Canada again.

Now, a temporary foreign worker has the opportunity to work more than just four years on Canadian soil with work permits. With respect to temporary foreign workers who are currently abroad due to the ancient rule, they can now apply again without having to wait the four year period.

The federal government has also stated that it is still developing pathways to make permanent residency more accessible for these temporary foreign workers.

Since July 1st, 2016, the proportion of low-wage temporary foreign workers at a given worksite has not been able to exceed 10 %. Only seasonal industries may hire foreign workers without limits. If the proportion of 10 % remains the same for most industries, seasonal industries will continue to be exempted from this rule for another year!

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