The information provided on this questionnaire will remain strictly confidential. They will not be shared with any other organization or individual.

The information will be used only for the sole purpose of determining your immigration possibilities to Canada.

Please be sure to provide a valid e-mail address to receive the detail of our assessment.

Thank you for your cooperation.

1) E-mail address
2) Last name
Given name
3) Gender
4) Date of birth
5) Place of birth
6) Citizenship
7) Current country of residence
Status in that country
8) Knowledge of English (0 being none and 10 being fluent)
9) Knowledge of French (0 being none and 10 being fluent)
10) Have you taken a recognized language test (for example TCF for French or IELTS for English)?
Details concerning the test and the obtained results
11) Marital status
12) Do you have any children?
13) If so, please indicate their age
14) Number of years of completed education
High School
Trade school
Highest level of education reached
16) Title of highest diploma obtained
17) Name of issuing institution of diploma
18) Main language of education
19) Family members in Canada
If so please indicate the relationship
And the province of residence
20) Have you previously stayed in Canada?
Dates of stay
Province of stay
Purpose of stay
21) Current occupation
Details concerning your current occupation
22) What course of study would you like to pursue in Canada?
23) In which province would you like to study?
24) Who will be responsible for the payment of the Canadian tuition fees (you, your parents, a relative…)?
25) Available amount to pay the fee related to your studies in Canada (Please specify currency)
26) Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?
If so, please provide details on your conviction
27) Additional relevant information for immigration analysis
28) Upload you resume
29) I confirm that the provided information is truthful and accurate

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