Why work with an immigration lawyer?

Canadian immigration law is constantly evolving and its regulations are often changing. A lawyer must pay close attention to these changes and keep himself updated accordingly. He must be able to simplify the whys and wherefores regarding any legal situation whenever his intervention is needed.

Each and every lawyer practicing law in Quebec has to comply with the high standards of conduct rooted in our code of ethics established by the Quebec Bar Association. Practicing law is a humbling privilege and professionals involved in the judicial field should revere to this principle throughout their career.

A lawyer’s role in an immigration process is much broader than simply submitting the required application forms for you, he represents you. Therefore, he must not only communicate with the concerned authorities on your behalf, but give a clear voice to your case before them.

Why choose BB Immigration?

An innovative vision reaching beyond borders.

Each project originates from a dream, an idea. Your immigration project to Canada is one inspired by expectations of opportunities and prosperity. We want to breathe life into your project and be continuously involved in its fulfilment.

We aspire to go much further than representing you during the realization of your immigration project. We wish to accompany you towards the success of your settlement in Canada. Through our widely spread network of professionals and partners with whom we work in close cooperation, not only can we accompany you in the first steps of your settlement but we can accompany you in the achievement of your future projects in Canada.

We firmly believe that Canada’s bright future rests on an efficient immigration support system, but more importantly, on the successful integration of its new immigrants. BB Immigration adheres to this vision of an immigration system that focuses on integrating newcomers in order to build a strong and inclusive country for generations to come.

You can entrust us with your immigration project with confidence. It will be a privilege to accompany you in this new project and beyond…